Quest Perspective is…

  • Personal and professional – a coaching organisation which provides you with a flexible, tailored approach to ensure success either on a 1:1 basis or in teams.
  • Passionate and positive – helping you to move forward into realising your potential and meeting not only the goals you have today but those you will glimpse tomorrow.
  • Practical and purposeful – enabling you to establish transformational, long-term change.

About Me

Lucy is a Leadership Coach who brings over twenty years of operational and strategic experience to support clients both on a 1:1 basis and as teams. She spent fifteen years as an internal coach and mentor, in addition to her day job, gaining a reputation for her skill in developing people.


The secret to Lucy’s success lies in her ability to generate connection and trust in her relationships. Her 1:1 clients value her flexibility and ability to drill down to the heart of things while team leaders know that she can get them and their team wherever they need to go. This base of trust gives her a responsiveness, which allows her to help clients think about themselves, their work and their lives in new ways which consistently aids mobility and achieves breakthrough. She is passionate about seeing people fulfil their potential, and equipped to help them acquire inspiring and practical leadership skills.


While Lucy’s credentials are impeccable, her approach comes from hard-won experience rather than theory. She has lived the daily cycle of family, commute and office and understands the challenges of finding the right balance. Through the relationship she builds with her clients, she is able to help them see what they value most and how to find satisfaction in both their professional and personal lives.


Coaching Credentials:

ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach.

Post Graduate Certificate: Business and Personal Coaching (University of Chester).

Team Coaching Diploma, (ICF Accredited, Team Coaching Studio).

Licensed Practitioner: Motivational Maps.

Business and Personal Coaching Certificate, (ICF Accredited Training Programme, Barefoot Coaching).

Other Qualifications:

MA Hons. (2:1): Economics & Management (University of Aberdeen).

Post Graduate Certificate: Food & Industry Management (University of Edinburgh Business School).


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Lucy has had the privilege of working with people and leaders from many backgrounds and in different businesses. See what they have to say:

My Services

About 1:1 Coaching…

We believe passionately that 1:1 coaching can and does bring about transformational change. Whether your focus is personal or professional, we will support you in your journey from where you are to where you want to be.


1:1 Coaching is…

  • Client focussed and conversation led – this is not counselling, therapy or advice, it is a series of conversations which are led by you and tailored to your needs.
  • A trusting environment, providing time to think and explore – beginning with the question ‘what brings you to coaching’, we use a variety of approaches to help you explore the answers to that question, to deepen your understanding of where you are and where you want to be, and to find ways to move from one to the other.
  • Transformational and accountable – the tools and resources we provide will help you to become accountable for your own progression, bringing about long-term, sustainable change.

Key Benefits

  • Encouragement and challenge in balance.
  • Authentic change and development.
  • Coaching which is stimulating, friendly, fun and effective.

About Team Coaching…

Every team is different and so, just like our 1:1 Coaching, Team Coaching sessions are tailored specifically for your context, priority and needs. In doing so, we will help your team gain new focus on your shared goals and greater understanding of the skills within the team which will get you there.


Team Coaching is…

  • In situ or away from it all – coaching and development are processes which develop over time, so we will work with you to devise a day or series of days which respond to your needs. We are equally happy to observe you in action or give you the chance to get out of the office, take a step back and gain vital perspective.
  • To strengthen relationships and move forward together – by working together on shared vision and strategy, your team will strengthen relationships with one another and gain new clarity around their purpose and priorities.
  • For individual groups and groups of individuals – we can provide feedback both individually and as a team to help you develop group skills and working practices which will enable you to achieve your goals, or helping to identify and optimize the strengths of particular team members.

Key Benefits

  • Building resilience and business focus.
  • Nurturing accountability and action around business results.
  • Practical plans to move your team and business forward.

About Motivational Maps…

Understanding what our core motivations are and how successfully they are being met can be life changing. Using Motivational Maps – either as an individual or in teams – will provide clarity in this area, helping you to move forward into a more fulfilling work life.


Motivational Maps are…

  • Unique – unlike other tools which may seem superficially similar, Motivational Maps focusses on personal motivators rather than personality traits, helping you discover what drives you and your team.
  • Simple – Motivational Maps are built around nine key motivators and how they relate to one another. Completing a 12-minute online survey will help you locate yourself on this ‘map’ and provide fresh insight into how to get the most from your career.
  • Applicable – working with a licenced Motivational Maps practitioner (such as Lucy) you will gain deeper understanding of your core motivators through your survey results and find practical solutions to help improve performance, reduce stress and maximise your potential.

Key Benefits

  • See how and why you find certain types of work fulfilling.
  • Make better career decisions, both now and in the future.
  • Improve motivation and see your performance skyrocket.

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