Data Protection and Privacy Statement

General Principles:
Quest Perspective abides by, and works to, the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2018.


  • We ensure that client data and information remain confidential
  • All members of staff, associates and sub-contractors are required to maintain client confidentiality.


All client data and information are:


  • clearly identified, and appropriately and securely stored
  • made available to clients, or on a need to know basis only with client permission.


At all times, confidential client information that is not in immediate use is kept under secure cover. On leaving the business premises at any time, Quest Perspective staff are required to ensure that all client information is securely filed and that Quest Development ICT devices are secured against unauthorised access.


Data Retention:
Quest Development is requested to administer, collate, interpret and feedback data generated by the tools it uses for the purposes of executive coaching, team events and management development training.


Where these are generated and stored on third-party organisations’ systems, they are subject to their data retention and deletion policies, which can be found at the link below.


  • Motivational Maps –


Our data retention policy for profiles used by these organisations is as follows and is in line with their privacy policies.


  1. All hard and soft client files purchased on behalf of the client are returned to the client.
  2. No hard copies of client personal data are retained longer than 18 months.
  3. Anything available in softcopy is filed electronically in a soft client file for no longer than 18 months, or by agreement with the client.
  4. All electronic information is held by Quest Perspective on secure ICT devices.
  5. We seek consent from individuals to manage and retain data in these ways using a consent form.


Where Quest Perspective is asked to administer and feedback reports for clients in order to support annual performance development and 6>12-month executive coaching assignments, these hard and soft copy reports are shared with the client and electronic copies are stored securely by Quest Development for no longer than 18 months, or by agreement with the client.


Records that are to be destroyed will either be shredded before disposal or collected by a classified contractor who provides a duty of care.


Personal Details:
Quest Perspective uses the names and email addresses of clients, suppliers, colleagues and associates for the sole purpose of conducting its normal, day to day business. Typical activities might include exchange of emails, texts, addressing invoices and miscellaneous written correspondence.


  • Names and email addresses are not stored on Quest Perspective ICT devices other than being available in the Outlook look up facility.
  • Received emails are sometimes retained in Outlook folders in the execution of Quest Perspective’s normal day to day business. Otherwise they are deleted.
  • Names and contact details are not held on any central address book or social media sites, but some phone numbers are stored in the Quest Perspective business phone (access to which is kept secure at all times).
  • Quest Perspective may retain some biographies of its associate partners in order to undertake its normal day to day business.


We will never forward any of the above information or records to any third party without express permission of the individual or company concerned.